About Me

noted beauty blog

It all started in 2013. I discovered the world of makeup at the age of 20. For me I’ve always been a creative person, I just didn’t know what my art was. Until I found makeup.

Ever since then I’ve found my passion and I haven’t looked back.

This site used to be called ‘This Damsel Loves’ but in 2018 I decided to jump and change the name of brand and blog to something that resonated with the direction of my beauty blogging career.

Noted Beauty Blog came to me out of nowhere (just like most ideas really) and I sat on the name for a good 6 months before I decided to take the leap into changing my blog’s name completely!

You will find video tutorials, product reviews, makeup stories & everything else in between!

You can find me post daily weekday content on my Instagram @notedbeautyblog

Also follow me on my Youtube and Twitter accounts!

Lisa xx