Why I Love Using Body Oils

Why I Love Using Body Oils

We’re now coming into winter and I’m really trying to find any tiny bit of appreciation for the cold weather in me! I’m really more of a summer person and I’m going to miss the hot weather so badly! I mean there are a lot […]

Carbon Coco* Teeth Whitening Products Review

Carbon Coco* Teeth Whitening Products Review

When Carbon Coco got in touch with me last month to trial their products. The first thing I thought to myself is “I’ve seen this everywhere, in fact they keep re-marketing their ads to me on Instagram all the time!”.  I’m sure you have heard […]

Mothers Day 2016 with Aesop

If you guys are running out of ideas to gift something for your mothers this year, I recommend something simple from Aesop. I know, I know Aesop is on the high end of the dollar spectrum. But hear me out! Your mother has probably done a […]

All About The Importance of Hand Cream

I’ve always been anal about moisturising my skin. I hate dry skin, and I hate the look of it as well. This certain habit was actually, quite surprisingly been instilled on me as a young child from my Dad (of all people)! My Dad was […]


Weleda – I recently attended the Bloggers United Event in October and it was amazeballs! I got to meet so many amazing bloggers and some blogging friends that I’ve supported over the last three years since I’ve been part of the blogging community. We also […]

Sunday Pamper Routine

Sunday Pamper Routine – At TDL, we lurrrveee to pamper. We also love to spoil ourselves… a little too much on the spending side! Here’s a few products I use when I detox my skin at the end of the week! Lush Mask of Magnaminty  […]

L’occitane Almond Shower Oil

Hi beauties! I’m here with a blog post about a product I’ve been trying out and its none other than the L’occitane Almond Shower Oil! I’m guilty but I’m pretty sure this is a youtube influenced purchased, probably from Ruth (A Model Recommends) or Lily […]

Dry brushing..does it help?

PHOTO: Shutterstock After being solely a beauty blogger for more than a year, I constantly came across this trend of dry brushing! I mean it was quite niche but the trend was there! A lot of girls are quite conscious about dead skin cells and […]