Products I Use To Style My Hair: For Bleached Hair

Products I Use To Style My Hair: For Bleached Hair

If you’ve been a long time follower you will know I’ve gone through so many hair colour changes. You can now call me the hair colour chameleon! In the last three years alone I’ve bleached my hair 7 times! Definitely some of my hair has […]

How I Curl My Hair : Curling 101

How I Curl My Hair : Curling 101

I’ve finally gotten around to filming a tutorial on how I curl my hair. This was requested on my Instagram account but a couple of followers. Thank you guys for asking me to to do this for you! How to curl your hair tips Here […]

5 Of The Best Drugstore Products

5 Of The Best Drugstore Products

Who doesn’t love a good drugstore buy? I’ve compiled my top 5 best drugstore products which are great buys you can get today! L’oreal True Match Foundation Holyyy crap. This is probably the most beautiful drugstore foundation I’ve tried! It’s smooth, dewy and blends really […]

My Haircare Routine // How I Maintain My Blonde Balayage

I’ve officially had blonde balayage hair for over a year now! I honestly have never been able to hold bleached or coloured hair for that long ever! Let me tell you something. My hair is so black that it takes a good whole day to […]

6 Simple Gifts for Your S.O

We are getting closer to the big day, this week we are focusing on getting gifts for your man! I’m not in a relationship in the moment, but if I were, these are the sort of gifts I can see that I could gift for […]

Dry Shampoo For Sensitive Scalps

Dry Shampoo For Sensitive Scalps // Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve had psoriasis since I was young. It affects my scalp mainly and now that I’ve gotten the dandruff under control thanks to my GP, my scalp is now overproducing oil. […]

Lush Haul

Lush Haul – I’m not sure if I have mentioned this on the blog already but…”My name is Lisa and I’m a Lush Addict!”. This is probably just the first time I’ve actually documented this awesome addiction in detail. I recently ran out of my […]

Sidetable Beauty

Hi beauties, its time for another one of my beauty posts! Everyone or mostly everyone, has a side-table that is filled with endless amounts of crap and beauty products… whether your a beauty lover or not! Let’s have a peak at mine today… OPI Cuticle […]