Soothe your skin with Be Fraîche *

Soothe your skin with Be Fraîche *

Hello friends! I love talking about skincare on TDL because I think it should be the number one priority if you’re a makeup lover like myself. My skin is quite sensitive and I do have psoriasis, so when I look for new skincare products to […]

Fresh Skincare For Your Lips

Fresh Skincare For Your Lips

I’ve always been a lip balm addict. You can ask my friends…they always say that I can’t live a day without lip balm. If I were stuck on a desert, I’d bring a tube of lip balm because I just can’t stand dry lips. As […]

How To: Remove Makeup

There are many different ways to remove your makeup, one thing I know for sure is removing it at the end of the day is so important. Removing it properly is even more important for the appearance and health of you’re skin. Gone are the […]

Your Summer Beauty Body

Its summer season yay! Now we start regularly shaving the legs, tanning our bodies and letting the hair down. Here’s some tips to maintain a consistent summer beauty body: 1. Exfoliate yo bodey I’ve always been lazy when it comes to exfoliating the body (even my […]

How To: No Makeup, Makeup Look

Lately I’ve been leaning towards not wearing any makeup at all. It’s just an opportunity for my skin to breathe. I live with psoriasis every single day and lately its been acting up! So skincare is my number one priority and I’ve been focusing on […]

3 Ways with Embryolisse

My recent post I did last week ‘My Go-To Products‘ got so much traction for using Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre. I thought why not share how I use this amazing product when it comes to my beauty routine. Here’s 3 ways with Embryolisse: 1. Makeup Remover […]

All About The Importance of Hand Cream

I’ve always been anal about moisturising my skin. I hate dry skin, and I hate the look of it as well. This certain habit was actually, quite surprisingly been instilled on me as a young child from my Dad (of all people)! My Dad was […]

Elucent Whitening Skincare Line – A Review*

I love love skincare. It’s something I’m quietly passionate about just because with skincare, it’s hard to measure whether the products work for you or not without using the actual products on your skin for a long period of time. For all intents and purposes […]

Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask

I love a good ol’ fresh face mask, espeically when it’s coming from Lush. I recently headed into my local Lush store to basically see if anything was new or worth trying out. One of the talented girls that I’ve become friendly over Lush products, […]

Summer Skincare Routine 2015/2016

Summer is becoming one of my favourite seasons now! I’m all the way a winter girl. I love to cuddle under the blanket, have hot chocolate and I enjoy winter fashion so much! But now since we’re in the middle of summer, I love going […]